12 May, 2010


More pokémon, this time Pikachu!
Gotta stitch them all? ^_^


~* ALLi *~ said...
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Unknown said...

Thank you Sarah Jessica!

Is there any way you can put a thread key to your cute star wars patterns? My readers have been asking me about those.



Sarajessica said...

Hi, I shall see what I can do about it. Just give me some time. :)
Happy to hear your readers like my patterns. :)

Unknown said...

You have achieved the highest praises from my sons. They both love Pokemon. My oldest would like to stitch the Pikachu but the actual picture doesn't have the mapping icons for the colors included on it. Could you please help? He is so excited to do this project and I don't want to mess it up. Thank you!

Sarajessica said...

Hi Kristol,
thank you for pointing that out with the pattern. I posted a new pattern with the icons on now. Great to hear that your sons like the pokémon-patterns.:)