14 February, 2018

Pink heart

A cute heart on Valentines day!

04 February, 2018

Adorable UFO

Here's a tiny and easy to stitch UFO.

21 January, 2018

Pink robot

Time for a cute and very pink robot!

07 January, 2018

Cute rainbow

Sometimes you need a tiny rainbow in the middle of january!

01 January, 2018

New baby!

Hello everyone, I hope that the new year finds you well.
I will be absent from this blog for the forseeable future because of my baby. She arrived in october and my life has been turned upside down. I have patterns queued for the blog for the coming year but I'll not be around to maintain it.

Thank you for your support and visits to the blog and thank you for the e-mails I've been getting. If I don't get back to you it's most likely that I've forgot because of my newly developed 'mom-brain'.

Until next time!
/Sara Jessica

17 December, 2017

Tiny cloud

It's in the middle of the winter and it's raining a lot. Make this tiny and cute cloud while staying dry inside!

10 December, 2017

Pink cutie

Here's a pink little cutie!