14 February, 2011


Punky cute! ^_^


Unknown said...

Adorable. I'm making this for my sister, she'll love it!

Loud Mouth Blogger said...

hi, im sorry to hear about your brother, sorry for your lose.

I love your designs and I was wondering what program you use to design them.

Thank you,

Ghibli said...

Thank you for your designs! I have stitched this one, you can see it here: http://pixs.ru/showimage/IMG0122JPG_1207525_4057426.jpg

Sarajessica said...

Hi miss Loud Mouth, thank you for your condolences.

I use a program called Cross Stitch Professional for my patterns but there are som free patternmakers out there too. For example: http://www.myphotostitch.com

Sarajessica said...

Ghibli: Thank you for showing me the results, it looks super cute! Good to hear you like my stuff. :)